I also need to integrate Solaris 10 clients with freeipa servers.

I've been round many resources, eg freeipa wiki, Fedora and Red Hat manuals, various bug trackers and the freeipa-users mailing list.

It looks to me as if this:

might be the best guide available, although I'm not sure what changes I might need to make because I'm actually on Solaris 10 rather than 11.

Can anyone advise please?

There is a comment in the above post:
"Make sure that the automount maps in ipaserver is named auto_* and NOT auto.* so they are compatible with Solaris name standards."

My automount maps are already called eg auto.master, auto.home on my ipa server and I'm sure I've seen a post somewhere suggesting an attributeMap can fix this issue, but I can't find it now, so maybe I am mistaken.

Am I on the right track? Is anyone familiar with that fix.


Roderick Johnstone

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