Hi folks,

I am very new to freeipa, so hopefully its allowed to ask:
I need a single realm EXAMPLE.COM and DNS zones for example.com ,
develop.example.com, sales.example.com, etc. freeipa makes it 
easy to create a subdomain using 

        ipa dnszone-add a.example.com
        ipa dnszone-mod a.example.com --dynamic-update=TRUE

but it appears that all these fancy _ldap._tcp, _kerberos ._tcp
etc. records are not generated. Is this on purpose? Is a client
foo.a.example.com supposed to look for _ldap._tcp.example.com,
if _ldap._tcp.a.example.com cannot be found?

The code for creating these basic entries must be somewhere in 
freeipa, so I wonder if I missed to recognize some command line 
options here?

Is this setup something that freeipa (4.0.5) can handle at 

Every helpful comment is highly appreciated.


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