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Hello. We were also planned relatively large deployment (8 sites, 19 IPA servers), and for now our experience told us that Red Hat official support is a must-have option for IPA in mission-critical environment.

IPA is still a very fresh solution and it have some issues you may face.

I would say that it is not that fresh, however, it is being constantly enhanced and actively developed. That definitely has some impact so having a supported version in production is strongly recommended.


Alexander Frolushkin

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Thank you for quick response. So, did I got it right, that this limitation is affecting only RedHat support agreement, and not the technical side of configuration? We're considering the CentOS 7 deployment, and we don't have Red Hat support agreement.

Maybe it's a stupid question, but since we don't have support agreement, can I still ask questions in RedHat mailing list? (I haven't found any forums/KBs/mailing lists dedicated solely to freeIPA and CentOS).

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  - Hi all.
  I've got a rather big domain environment with 10 distributed locations,
  and I'm considering using FreeIPA as an id manager for linux users and
servers, alongside with existing AD, using trusts. In every location, there are 2 DCs for windows environment, and I'm thinking about deployment of 2 freeIPA servers for each location, with replicas. This document states that
  I can't use more than 20 servers per IPA domain:

  - "No more than 20 servers and replicas should be involved in a single
  Identity Management domain."
  - How strict is this restriction? Is there any way I can deploy freeIPA
  in this situation, assuming that number of locations would increace over
  time? Is there any other limitations to integrate freeIPA in AD?

The limitations described above are for supported configurations
deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. If you want a larger configuration
to be supported, you need to contact your Red Hat representatives and
work out with them exact support statement.

/ Alexander Bokovoy


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