On 04/30/2015 02:56 PM, Aric Wilisch wrote:
> Is there a trick to getting a users SSH key that’s attached to their FreeIPA 
> account to work on RHEL 5 servers? users can ssh into the RHEL 6 clients with 
> no issues but they still get prompted for their passwords on the RHEL 5 
> server, so it’s not pushing down their ssh keys. 
> Thanks!
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> Aric Wilisch
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Well, RHEL-5's latest build should be sssd-1.5.1-71.el5, but the SSH public key
support was added in SSSD 1.8:


So I do not know any way besides upgrading to RHEL-6/RHEL-7 or backporting the
SSSD 1.8+ yourself (which I do not expect to be an easy task).


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