I have 2 FreeIPA 4.1.4 servers setup on CentOS 7 as replicas.

I also have another host running PowerDNS serving as a slave.
The FreeIPA servers are setup to allow transfers to the slave by IP.  When
adding the zone, the slave transfered it properly.

However, when I update the zone in FreeIPA, although the serial number
changes, in the /var/log/messages I only see an attempt to transfer to the
second IPA server, and not the slave.  This is the only log entry :

May  2 01:06:56 dc1 named-pkcs11[5897]: zone mydomain.net/IN: sending
notifies (serial 1430528817)
May  2 01:06:57 dc1 named-pkcs11[5897]: client received
notify for zone 'mydomain.net'

I have restarted all services using ipactl restart several times.  I have
also ensured that the slave hostname and IP are in FreeIPA DNS.  I have
also added an NS entry pointing to the slave.

According to the FreeIPA manual, once that NS entry is added, any zone
updates should trigger a notify, but still the only notifications go out
to FreeIPA servers and nothing else.

Any idea how to fix this so FreeIPA notifies non IPA servers?  I'm pretty
sure I've followed all the instructions to the letter on this one...

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