On 4.5.2015 10:23, Brian Topping wrote:
> On second view, I think my brain misfiled this. Maybe the records were
> not set up automatically, another DNS domain I thought had the records in
> fact do not.
> As a feature request, it seems like if a domain is added to "Domain
> Realms", it should also get the appropriate records for client
> autodiscovery.

It is actually not necessary to create all the SRV records in all domains.

Client auto-discovery is using the TXT record which is added automatically
and the _kerberos TXT record is like 'redirect'.

The procedure is:
- client client1.sub.example.com. searches for record
_kerberos.sub.example.com TXT
- _kerberos.sub.example.com TXT contains realm name "EXAMPLE.COM"
- now the client knows that all the SRV records are inside example.com. domain
- SRV records from example.com. are used from now on

AFAIK this is very standard Kerberos behavior so it should work for all
standard-compliant clients.

Petr^2 Spacek

> Cheers, Brian
>> On May 4, 2015, at 3:03 PM, Brian Topping <brian.topp...@gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> I just added a new domain and didn't see the SRV records added for it.
>> There is a TXT record, but none of the SRV records that are in other
>> DNS domains.
>> After going to the "Realm Domains tab of the "IPA Server"
>> configuration, I see that the new domain was already added there, so I
>> removed it and added it back, hoping that might cause the SRV records
>> to be added, but no luck.
>> Any ideas what I should check for?
>> Thanks, Brian

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