On 05/02/2015 05:03 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
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>> Do we have any plans to implement in future?
> Yes, once we get everything ready for fully working AD trusts support 
> (i.e. IPA users being able to login to Windows machines). The reason for that
> is because we will be re-using the same infrastructure in both cases so
> the code will largely be the same to drive both use cases.
> This is very important because then we don't need to update SSSD on the 
> machines
> where current AD trust feature is already supported -- they will be able to
> operate with IPA-IPA trust the instant moment it is established. Actual 
> process
> of setting up IPA-IPA trust will be a bit different, of course, as we have 
> better
> ways to set the trust up in this case.

BTW, this is the ticket you can use for tracking purposes:



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