On 05/05/2015 01:27 PM, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 05/05/2015 12:38 PM, Vaclav Adamec wrote:
  I tried migrate to newest version IPA, but result is quite unstable and
removing old replicas ends with RUV which cannot be decoded (it stucked in
queue forever):

ipa-replica-manage del ipa-master-dmz002.test.com -fc
Cleaning a master is irreversible.
This should not normally be require, so use cautiously.
Continue to clean master? [no]: yes

ipa-replica-manage list-ruv
unable to decode: {replica 8} 55091239000400080000 55091239000400080000
unable to decode: {replica 7} 552f84cd000300070000 552f84cd000300070000
unable to decode: {replica 11} 551a42f70000000b0000 551aa3140001000b0000
unable to decode: {replica 15} 551e82e10001000f0000 551e82e10001000f0000
unable to decode: {replica 14} 551e82ec0001000e0000 551e82ec0001000e0000
unable to decode: {replica 20} 552f4b72000600140000 552f4b72000600140000
unable to decode: {replica 10} 551a25af0001000a0000 551a25af0001000a0000
unable to decode: {replica 3} 551e864c000300030000 551e864c000300030000
unable to decode: {replica 5} 55083ad2000300050000 55083ad2000300050000
unable to decode: {replica 9} 550913e7000000090000 550913e7000000090000
unable to decode: {replica 19} 55210193000300130000 55210193000300130000
unable to decode: {replica 12} 551a48290000000c0000 551a48c50000000c0000
ipa-master-dmz001.test.com:389: 25
ipa-master-dmz002.test.com:389: 21

it is possible to clear this queue and leave only valid servers ?

Thanks in advance

Ludwig or Thierry, do you know? The questions about RUV cleaning seems to be
recurring, I suspect there will be a pattern (bug) and not just configuration
we have seen this in a recent thread, and it is clear that the RUV is corrupted and cannot be decoded, but we don't have a scenario how this is state is reached.

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