Alan Evans wrote:
> Hello, I thought I saw something like this asked before but after
> searching the archive it seems I can't find it.
> I am using FreeIPA 3.3.3 on Cent 7 from EPEL.  Is it possible using
> native ldap tools, ldapadd and ldappasswd in particular, for user
> creation and password management?

For adding users not yet, see

> I am trying to use an IDM to synchronize accounts from one directory to
> FreeIPA.  The IDM does not have native FreeIPA support but does have
> LDAP support.
> I have successfully gotten some objects created but I am having problems
> with their passwords.
> I have tried using https://ipa/ui/migration, resetting passwords in IPA
> UI, ldappasswd and the ipa-cli but when I kinit these users I get the
> following.


When someone other than the user sets the password it is marked as
expired so only the user knows it.


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