On 05/06/2015 12:14 AM, Nathan Peters wrote:
From this link :

The diagram in that section shows the client communicating with FreeIPA and FreeIPA contacting AD.

So why are you saying the client authenticates with the AD DC directly?

You are looking at the older documentation. It is for RHEL6. Please use RHEL7.1 docs to get the latest info about 4.1 functionality.

Also this page here : https://www.freeipa.org/page/Active_Directory_trust_setup

does not list having to add the AD domain in the krb5.conf. Is that not necessary in the example because they are not using a different UPN for their users like we are?

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I'm a little confused by that.

If I add the AD dc, will my client try to contact AD directly to get a

Doesn't it have to do get the ticket through FreeIPA by proxy somehow?

No, authentication is always performed against an AD DC directly.

And to confirm what you meant by add the AD dc and realm, it would be like
this ?

 kdc = dc1.addomain.net:88

I don't need the master_kdc, admin_server, default_domain entries?

With a recent version of libkrb5 I don't think you need to set
master_kdc, libkrb5 should be able to follow referrals itself.
admin_servre, if unset, defaults to KDC. default_domain doesn't need to
be set either.

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