On 06/05/15 22:28, Andrey Ptashnik wrote:
Hello Team,

We are hosting a few servers at Amazon and using their Elastic Load Balancing service that gives us a link to a load balancer in the following format:


I was looking for a ways to implement a shorter alias using CNAME like:

webserver.mydomain.com pointing to longer link from the load balancer webserver-1234567890.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com

Is there a way to do it in RHEL 7.1 with IPA server 4.1.0 using different domain names?



Hello Andrey,

If I understand correctly, IPA manages mydomain.com zone, so adding CNAME record should be simple:

ipa dnsrecord-add mydomain.com webserver --cname-rec='webserver-1234567890.us-west-2.elb.amazonaws.com.' # <-- do not forget to add dot at the end

If mydomain.com is managed outside IPA, the CNAME should be set on that external server, IPA cannot help in this case.


Martin Basti

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