On 05/07/2015 10:46 AM, Christoph Kaminski wrote:
> I am curious however. I have been running OpenLDAP configs with 20 or
> more servers in replication for over 5 years. In all that time, I think
> I have had replication issues 5 times.  In the 6 months of working with
> FreeIPA, replication issues are constant. From reading the threads, I am
> not the only one in this predicament. Is there any history on why
> replication is so problematic in FreeIPA?
same here... OpenLDAP no problems, since we use IPA we have ever replikation issues

I think the replikation design is the problem. All IPA's are master. I think it would be more stable if there would be 1 Master and all replicas are read only.

i don't think that the multimaster design is a problem in itself (it is complex and can make things complicated, yes).-As Thierry said, we have customers with large 389-ds deployments, with many million entries in the db, lots of mods and stable replication. The current issues with the RUVs seem to come from the dymanics of adding and removing replicas, which reveals new problems.

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