Hello Alexander,

Thank you very much for your answers!

> If Windows client is not a part of the domain, there is no SSO and no
> Kerberos. Windows client will attempt using NTLMSSP authentication.
> ...
> Right now -- yes. You are saying you've following "FreeIPA's Samba
> integration guide" which I assume is
> http://www.freeipa.org/page/Howto/Integrating_a_Samba_File_Server_With_IPA
> which only works for Kerberos authentication because NTLMSSP is not
> supported by the SSSD.

Yes, your assumption is absolutely exact ;-)

That's clear now, my thoughts went on this direction too: anyone is
handling a new kerberos ticket request because of authentication type.

> Not really. The story is more complex than it seems and right now there
> is no ready-made solution for out-of-domain Windows clients.

Ok, I understand.

Then, I'd go for an LDAP approach pointing Samba to IPA's directory (this
works fine on Samba3 and 389-DS), but I'm not sure about the configuration.
Can file-server's SSSD have Kerberos auth (result of ipa-client-install)
and LDAP auth (added settings in sssd.conf) at the same time for the same
domain? Will it work together or will I've to choose on of the two?

Thank you!


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