On Wed, May 06, 2015 at 06:53:49PM +0000, Redmond, Stacy wrote:
> That's great, I got it all working, perhaps you can answer one last question, 
> although not sure this is going to be fixable or not.
> Anyway to get rid of the realm when using id, as you can see below, kinda 
> messy.
> [root@linuxtest1 home]# su - aduser1
> -sh-4.1$ id
> uid=1989603105(aduser1@sbx.local<mailto:aduser1@sbx.local>) 
> gid=1989603105(aduser1@sbx.local<mailto:aduser1@sbx.local>) 
> groups=1989603105(aduser1@sbx.local<mailto:aduser1@sbx.local>)
> -sh-4.1$ pwd
> /home/aduser1
> -sh-4.1$ ls -l /home/
> total 4
> drwxr-xr-x 2 aduser1@sbx.local<mailto:aduser1@sbx.local> 
> aduser1@sbx.local<mailto:aduser1@sbx.local> 4096 May  5 09:38 aduser1
> -sh-4.1$

On the clients you may experiment with default_domain_suffix and setting
the full_name_format to just "%1$s" but on the server, this format is
mandatory. The extdom plugin is only able to parse input in the
name@domain form..

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