I have a problem with HBAC rules with conjunction with PAM authentication.
What I try to do is to authenticate users: tac_plus - PAM (pam_sssd) -
It works just fine but without checking HBAC rules.
What I did:
- disabled allow_all rule
- created new rule with one user and one service (tac_plus)
And then, if I try to authenticate another user which is not in above rule
then authetication is accepted and this user gets logged in.
In logs, what I didn't find is an information about checking HBAC rules...
Of course, when I use HBAC Test then everything is correct - one user is
granted and another is declined.

# cat /etc/pam.d/tac_plus
auth         required      pam_sss.so
account      required      pam_sss.so

Did I miss something?
Bartek Witkowski
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