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I think that I have found somethings that are mispresent and unpresent in 
I have tried to configure debian jessie as a freeipa client. This has been done 
in 2 ways:

* reference instalation:
I have installed freeipa-client package from sid and configured host by running 
ipa-client-install command.

* manual instalation:
I have installed packages that've been installed as dependencies during 
reference installation. And I have done steps described here:
Evrything seems to work fine (and even sudo rules) exept 1 thing: I could not 
get host certificate by certmonger.
comparing to reference installation I have found that ipa-client-install also 
makes 1 more config file:
but this step is not described in documentation. so this is unpresent.
Another thing that I think is present with mistake:
according to documentation I should give this command to get host-certificate:

# ipa-getcert request -d /etc/pki/nssdb -n Server-Cert -K 
HOST/ipaclient.example.com -N 'CN=ipaclient.example.com,O=EXAMPLE.COM'

and we can see that 'HOST' is capitalised, but it should in small letters.

Thanks for reading!

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