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Hi Rob and Dimitri

Migrating via Replica is the obvious way that I would have gone, had the
FreeIPA /RedHat documentation not suggested the replicas must have the same

I think the link that put me off from replicating was:


Looking at the link more closely I now see this applies to version
1.2 ....., but from the page itself that was not obvious. it would be great
if the version to which the IPA documentation applies was more obvious....
I am sure I am not the only user who enters the documentation via a search
We really need to remove this version 1.x documentation, it is giving too much 

I agree, this was the last straw. I just did an update to FreeIPA.org mediawiki
and (besides upgrading to new Mediawiki) replaced the deprecated FreeIPA 1.2.1
and 2.0.0 guides with a redirection to:


which contains the reasoning and updated list of deprecated guides and a link
to the current documentations.

HTH. If anyone needs the old guides, I can zip them and add as a download to
Documentation section.

Yes please, leave the guides available for download. People may need
them for historical reasons.

I agree. I finally found a time slot to zip those and make them available for historical reasons on FreeIPA.org.

So, here they are:

They are also linked from "Old Resources" section of Documentation page.



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