On (15/05/15 17:27), Andy Thompson wrote:
>Is there a way to enforce case sensitivity for trusted AD users?  I am trying 
>to use username for ssh chroots and I can authenticated with any case 
>combination of <UsERname> but if ssh is set to match on <username> then the 
>chroot is not enforced and the user is dropped to their usual home directory.  
>I found a case_sensitive option for sssd but it does not seem to have any 
>affect.   Running RHEL6.6 clients.

IPA domain is by default case sensitive.
So You will not change anything if you put "case_sensitive = true" into domain
section of sssd.conf.

But SSSD will create subdomains for each AD domain. It is different id_provider
therefore different default values are used for subdomains and for AD provider
it is case *insensitive* by default.

Currently there's no way how to change it for subdomains (AD trusted domains)


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