Megan . wrote:
Thank you for the reply.  I think I just got frustrated.  I
uninstalled ipa on the dir2 replica then set it back up again as a
replica.  Everything seems to be replicating just fine without errors
now.  I know that this isn't the preferred or documented solution but
i needed the server back online asap.

When i run "ipa-replica-manage list-ruv" i see dir2 listed twice.  Is
this a concern?

[root@dir1 ipa]# ipa-replica-manage list-ruv 4 5 6 8

You should clean it up using the clean-ruv option of ipa-replica-manage.

You should bind as Directory Manager and look in cn=mapping tree,cn=config for nsDS5ReplicaId you'll be able to see the active IDs. I'd guess that 6 is the one to be removed but a search will tell you for sure.


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