As per attached message, Fedora 22 final release will come to life next
week. If you are planning to use FreeIPA in Fedora 22 or upgrade your
FreeIPA deployment to Fedora 22, make sure updates-testing repository is
enabled. Several last moment bug fixes related to FreeIPA were not
rolled into the final Fedora 22 image and they are waiting in
updats-testing for the gates to be open after release.

One particular area is support for cross-forest trusts with Active
Directory --- Samba in Fedora 22 got upgraded to 4.2.1 version which
caused some changes in underlying libraries FreeIPA uses for supporting
the cross-forest trust. The fixes are awaiting you after install in the

Happy Fedora 22 use!
/ Alexander Bokovoy
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At the Fedora 22 Final Go/No-Go Meeting #2 that just occurred, it was
agreed to Go with the Fedora 22 Final by Fedora QA, Release Engineering
and Development.

Fedora 22 Final will be publicly available on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.

Meeting details can be seen here:
Minutes: http://bit.ly/1Bh2pH1
Log: http://bit.ly/1HzMI5g

Thank you everyone for a great job, sleepless nights validating TCs,
RCs, fixing bugs, composing stuf and everything else needed for 
smooth releases. Amazing last three years wrangling releases for me! 

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