And just like that, my haunted servers have all returned.
I am going to just put a gun to my head and be done with it. :-(

Why do things run perfectly and then suddenly ???
Logs show little to nothing, mostly because the servers are so busy, they have already rotated out.

unable to decode  {replica 16} 55356472000300100000 55356472000300100000
unable to decode  {replica 22} 55371e9e000000160000 553eec64000400160000
unable to decode  {replica 23} 5545d61f000200170000 55543240000300170000
unable to decode  {replica 24} 554d53d3000000180000 554d54a4000200180000
unable to decode  {replica 25} 554d78bf000000190000 555af302000400190000
unable to decode  {replica 9} 55402c39000300090000 55402c39000300090000

Don't know what to do anymore. At my wit's end..


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