Hi All,
we have setup FreeIPA 4.1 (Centos 7) Trust with Windows 2008R2. All (HBAC,
SUDO) works pretty well except SSH SSO using GSSAPI from Windows AD clients
(ex. putty) to Linux client machines (Centos 6). Password authentication
works, just gssapi fails.

Actually, there is one scenario where SSH GSSAPI authentication works  ->
when connecting to FreeIPA master or replica (trust were established here),
but not to FreeIPA host clients.

Important sections of configuration files (servers/clients):

GSSAPIAuthentication yes
KerberosAuthentication yes

auth_to_local = RULE:[1:$1 <at> $0](^.* <at> WINDOWS.DOMAIN$)s/ <at>
WINDOWS.DOMAIN/ <at> windows.domain/
auth_to_local = DEFAULT

BTW. after I log in by password to linux client machine I can use gssapi
within the same host by ssh-ing in a loop to the localhost, so locally
GSSAPI works here.

Is there something I missed?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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