On 05/25/2015 05:46 PM, Sina Owolabi wrote:

Please how do I restore data to a freshly reinstalled IPA server from
an existing CA-less replica that has had replication agreements

By restore, you mean actually migrate? We have a pending RFE for this:

Migration of users/groups can be done via migrate-ds command. Migration of SUDO/HBAC/automount/... can be done by LDIF export and import (with some changes realms, etc.). But we have no automated way how to migrate Kerberos keys or certificates as the underlying keys are different.

Both servers are running rhel 6.6 with ipa-server versions 3.0.0
( For some reason the IPA servers do not upgrade beyond this version).

If you want a higher version than FreeIPA 3.0.0, please use RHEL-7.x. RHEL-7.1 has FreeIPA 4.1, which is much more cooler than 3.0.0 :-) This is what we recommend for new deployments anyway.

I have been searching for information from RHEL knowledgebase and from
the FreeIPA site but I do not find information that exactly matches my

I am grateful for any assistance in this.



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