On (25/05/15 10:00), Bob Hinton wrote:
>Hi Martin,
>Yes. This fixes the problem on a newly recreated ipamaster - it didn't
>work on the one I'd been playing around with.
>So the complete rebuild sequence was...
>1) On old ipamaster VM ipa004 (did this on 22/05/2015)
>     login as an admin user with sudo to root access
>     sudo -i
>     ipa-backup
>     tar cvfPz ipa004_backups_22052015.tgz /var/lib/ipa/backup
>     scp ipa004_backups_22052015.tgz to a backup system, destroy old
>ipamaster VM
>2) Recreate ipamaster VM (identical configuration to original)
>    From backup system -
>    scp ipa004_backups_22052015.tgz admin@ipa004:
>    ssh admin@ipa004
>    su                         (enter root password - no users with sudo
>access exist yet)
>    tar xvfPz ipa004_backups_22052015.tgz
>    ipa-restore ipa-full-2015-05-22-17-28-01
>    systemctl stop sssd
>    rm -f /var/lib/sss/db/*
>    systemctl start sssd
Could  ipa-restore do previous 3 operations?


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