Martin Kosek <> schrieb am 29.05.2015 10:06:45:
> Running ipa-getkeytab on this replica is tricky - as if replication 
> is down and 
> you do this, the old key is revoked and new one is generated - which is 
> known for the other master as replication is not working and you get in 
> strange situation.
> You can try to log to your active master, do ipa-getkeytab for the 
> replica, copy the keytab there, restart DS and then run re-
> initialize to reload 
> all the data from active master. It may work.
> > Or it is better to destroy it and do a new install?
> That may be even faster for the making that particular replica up and 
> again, if you do not want to dig too much in this issue.

yep done it on other replica and it works, thx!

Christoph Kaminski

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