Christopher Lamb wrote:


To narrow down the cause even further, I reverted HOST10 via VM snapshot
back to the state after installing linux and configuring ntpd.

This time I installed ipa-client 4.1 directly (rather then as a dependent
of our standard server packages). So this machine is a basic install of EL
7.1 + ntpd + ipa-client, with nothing else extra.

Again I first registered against the old 3.3.3 FreeIPA Server, then
switched to the new 4.1 Server.

Once again my FreeIPA user does not authenticate.

I'd start by simlifying things.

Does kinit -kt /etc/krb5.keytab work?

Do basic nss operations work?

getent passwd admin
id admin
groups admin

Seeing the entire ipaclient-install.log after the 7.1 install may be helfpul.

Cranking up sssd debuglevel may be helpful.


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