Brian Topping wrote:
Hi all,

I've been trying to work through the instructions at and have not been having 
much luck. I've followed the instructions there exactly, ending with the 
following command:

ipa-getcert request -r -f /etc/httpd/certs/example.crt -k 
/etc/httpd/certs/example.key -N -D -K 

but I keep getting the following:

ca-error: Server at denied our request, giving 
up: 2100 (RPC failed at server.  Insufficient access: not allowed to perform 
this command).

What's interesting is it creates the private key file but the certificate 
fails. I cannot find anything in the logs on either the ipa or the client 
machine that would indicate what that failure is.

Does anyone recognize this situation where the key file is created but the 
certificate is not created?

Key generation is done locally.

The failure is pretty clear, your host isn't allowed to do this: Insufficient access: not allowed to perform this command

The Apache error log should contain this error as well.

What version of IPA is this?

And more information on what you're doing is needed, obfuscate as needed, but what host are you running this on? I assume you want to create an SNI for on <somerandomname>


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