On 06/02/2015 02:00 PM, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 06/02/2015 11:42 AM, Tamas Papp wrote:

On 06/02/2015 10:35 AM, Martin Kosek wrote:
You would need to do the modifications as Directory Manager or other user in

To resolve this, you would need manually fix admin entry attribute
krbPasswordExpiration to some future date, kinit as admin and then fixing the
global policy with some sane value (pwpolicy-mod).
How can this work? It forces me to change the password again after kinit.
You would need to use ldapmodify and bind as Directory Manager to do this, you
cannot change krbPasswordExpiration with IPA user (IIRC).

I mean I changed that entry with ldapmodify, than kinit admin and it forced me to change the password, GOTO 1:) But if I understand correctly I should have changed other attribute as well;)

For some reason another user with admin rights was able to  login and we were
able to fix the policy so far.
With that other admin user, you can simply call "ipa passwd" on the original
admin, assign temporary password and have him change it on the first login.

Yes, everything is back to normal operation now.

Thanks for your prompt attention!


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