I am running FreeIPA 4.1.3 on CentOS 7 for the server and on the client is
CentOS 6.5 with client 3.0.0-42 (sssd 1.11.6-30).

I have created a user in FreeIPA and he has access to a server through
HBAC rules.  This user has created a public / private keypair and uploaded
the public key from his personal machine to the IPA server so it shows up
in his user record.  The record was saved and he successfully logged into
the IPA client using the keys.

According to the docs here (Yes, I know it's a little old but I could not
find any newer info that conflicted with this) :

2.Stores the user key in a custom file, .ssh/sss_authorized_keys, in the
standard authorized keys format.

However, when he logs in, there is no sss_authorized_keys file created and
as far as I can tell, the key is never cached in his account.

How do I get the keys to actually save on login like the manual says?

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