Chris Tobey wrote:
Hi Rob,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

I have services in /etc/init.d/ named tomcat6 and pki-cad.

I tried the following:
     [Thu Jun 04 14:38:16:/etc/init.d]$ service tomcat6 status
     tomcat6 is stopped                                         [  OK  ]
     [Thu Jun 04 14:38:23:/etc/init.d]$ service tomcat6 start
     Starting tomcat6:                                          [  OK  ]
     [Thu Jun 04 14:38:29:/etc/init.d]$ service tomcat6 status
     tomcat6 (pid 10853) is running...                          [  OK  ]
     [Thu Jun 04 14:38:40:/etc/init.d]$ service pki-cad status
     pki-ca (pid 1793) is running...                            [  OK  ]
         Unsecure Port       =
         Secure Agent Port   =
         Secure EE Port      =
         Secure Admin Port   =
         EE Client Auth Port =
         PKI Console Port    = pkiconsole
         Tomcat Port         = 9701 (for shutdown)

         PKI Instance Name:   pki-ca

         PKI Subsystem Type:  Root CA (Security Domain)

         Registered PKI Security Domain Information:

         Name:  IPA


Ok, you didn't specify a version so I took a stab in the dark on the service name. So I gather you're running 3.0.0?

You'll need to dive into the catalina.log and debug logs in /var/log/pki-ca. This means that tomcat started but the webapp didn't. This is usually the audit subsystem kicking in but recently someone else had this issue and a simple ipactl restart fixed it for him.



After this I am able to create new hosts on my Foreman server!

There are now a few questions:
1. I am not sure why the tomcat6 service was stopped, if it is required to
be running.
2. I am not sure why a reboot of the server did not auto-start tomcat6.
3. When navigating the web GUI for FreeIPA and clicking on a host, I still
see the popup message in the subject of this thread.

I have not yet tried rebooting the FreeIPA (chimera) and Puppet/Foreman
(puppetmaster) servers yet. When I have some downtime I will try that and
see what happens in regards to questions 2 and 3.

-Chris Tobey

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Apache proxies to dogtag, so a Not Found means that dogtag either isn't
running or its webapp wasn't loaded.

I'd start by restarting pki-tomcatd@pki-tomcat.service and see if that

Otherwise you'll need to poke around in the debug long in


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