On 06/08/2015 06:44 PM, Christopher Lamb wrote:
> Hi All
> we are interested to know if anybody has succeeded (or for that matter
> failed) in using FreeIPA  to provide user authentication for Atlassian
> products such as JIRA or Confluence?
> Somewhere in an Atlassian ticket I saw that FreeIPA is not officially
> supported, so I guess that should set our expectations .....
> If anyone has succeeded, then of course any tips on how best to do so would
> be fantastic!

I saw reply in the threads, so it should be covered.

BTW, please add +1s to respective Jira tickets to add proper FreeIPA support.
It would be really cool if Jira would know FreeIPA out of the box and could
connect to it natively!

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