On Wed, 10 Jun 2015, Alexander Frolushkin wrote:
We cannot login to our IPA enrolled RHEL 5.11 host using any IPA (4.1) native 
or AD trusted users.
Seems like it fails on connection to server. SSSD logs attached.
Additionally, is it ever possible now to use AD trusted users to ssh RHEL 5 
Logs and sssd config attached.
RHEL5 uses OpenSSL crypto library which doesn't support TLS 1.1+ which
is required by default by IPA 4.1. Your potential fix would be to allow
tls1.0 use at the server side but you need to know what this leads to:


You seem to have issues on RHEL5 with TLS1.0+ configuration which is in
use by the LDAP server:
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [sdap_process_result]
(8): Trace: sh[0x15b01590], connected[1], ops[0x15b01e40],
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [sdap_connect_done] (3):
START TLS result: Success(0), Start TLS request accepted.Server willing
to negotiate SSL.
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [sdap_connect_done] (3):
ldap_install_tls failed: [Connect error] [Start TLS request
accepted.Server willing to negotiate SSL.]
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [sdap_handle_release]
(8): Trace: sh[0x15b01590], connected[1], ops[(nil)], ldap[0x15b019d0],
destructor_lock[0], release_memory[0]
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]]
[remove_connection_callback] (9): Successfully removed connection
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [fo_set_port_status] (4):
Marking port 389 of server 'sib-rhidm01.unix.megafon.ru' as 'not
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [be_pam_handler_callback]
(4): Backend returned: (3, 4, <NULL>) [Internal Error (System error)]
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [be_pam_handler_callback]
(4): Sending result [4][default]
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:16 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [be_pam_handler_callback]
(4): Sent result [4][default]
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:22 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [sbus_dispatch] (9): dbus
conn: 15AF0830
(Wed Jun 10 17:05:22 2015) [sssd[be[default]]] [sbus_dispatch] (9):

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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