Brian Mathis wrote:
I have renamed the default 'admin' account to something else to avoid
possible conflicts with other application accounts.  However, when I try
to install a replica with ipa-replica-install, it uses 'admin' as the
username and I don't see a way to supply an alternate account name to use.

I have been able to work-around this by using the --skip-conncheck
option, but I would still like to have the script go through that
process if possible to get the added verification that things are working.

Is there any way to use a different account name than 'admin' with
ipa-replica-install?  I'm on CentOS 7 using ipa-server-4.1.0-18.el7.

There isn't currently. I opened

The conn checker, ipa-replica-conncheck, actually takes the principal as an argument but this is hardcoded as "admin" in ipa-replica-install.


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