I'm trying to develop a process in Ansible to enroll new hosts (as well as
check beforehand to see if the host is already enrolled).  I was wondering
a couple of things:

#1. Has anyone else worked out a process for doing this using a non 'admin'

#2. Is there a simple mechanism (preferably something that could be
automated and thus not require any interactivity), that could be used to
check as to whether a system is enrolled?  I would hope that some type of
simple LDAP search or simple command that could be run to check with easy
return codes.

In particular, I'm trying to avoid using the 'admin' user to enroll hosts
because I'd like to minimize the rights to just the enrollment of new hosts
as well as checking for an existing enrollment.

Any thoughts of feedback that could point me in the best direction would be
greatly appreciated!


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