Janelle wrote:
Maybe this is an obvious question - but I am missign the simple answer.
If you create a master and want to create 3 replicas -- creating the
first replica works just fine, but I want the 2nd replica chained off
the first, and NOT the master. But unless you install a CA on that first
replica, you get an error.

1. install master
2. ipa-replica-prepare -- rep001 -- copy file to rep001
3. ipa-replica-install on rep001
4. ipa-replica-prepare rep002 --- does not work saying you can only
create replica from "master"?

Seems like poor language in the error message. The issue would come if you tried to stand up a CA on the new replica during install it would have no CA to talk to. I think otherwise a master without a CA would be able to provide everything else necessary for the prepare file.

You can use ipa-replica-manage connect/disconnect to tweak your replication topology. So create the replicas from a master that has a CA then add/delete connections as needed.

4.2 is going to introduce a new ay to manage topology: http://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/Manage_replication_topology


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