> Unfortunately I don't have access there.
> In fact we have a bigger issue here, but I don't know, if it's related.
> The whole story is the following:
> I migrated (ipa migrate-ds) about 150 users between two ldap 
> databases. Old one was v3.0 (centos 6.6), the new one is v4.1 (centos 
> After migrating users I switched off old servers and replaced centos
> 6.6 machines with centos 7.1. Than replica servers was installed. 
> One replicas had to be reinstalled one time, because the replica 
> process was hanged up for some reason.
> Now two servers (not the reinstalled one, but the original master 
> and one other) crash quite frequently with sigsegv. It's like 
> something is leaking.
> I tuned the the nsslapd-cachememsize value of the following config 
> dn: cn=changelog,cn=ldbm database,cn=plugins,cn=config
> dn: cn=config, cn=ldbm database, cn=plugins, cn=config
> dn: cn=userRoot,cn=ldbm database,cn=plugins,cn=config
> It helped a lot, but not enough.
> I had seen this before years ago, when I started using ipa. It was 
> on Fedora and the bleeding edge Freeipa version. At that time I 
> switched to CentOS because I trusted more in the well tested 
> enterprise distribution.
> But now it's not an option:)
> Any suggestion?

As I have mentioned above, see at the "Haunted servers?" thread here on 
list. There are solutions etc for a similiar problem. This is all there 
what I know about this problem.
(The RH Ticket has far less informations and not really a solution for it 
(sad :/ ))


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