Version: idm 4.x on rhel 7.1

Yet again, I've discovered a problem with residual state left behind by ipa
client install and uninstall scripts. I was having some trouble with
autofs+sssd leading to users not being mapped correctly (got nobody users
for everything). So I tried theipa-client-automount --uninstall, followed
by ipa-client-install --uninstall, and then did a fresh install of the
client. The original autofs issue aside, I started getting hangs in sudo.
After spending a better part of the day, the culprit was this line in

sudoers: files sss sss

It turns out that the extra sss left behind is sufficient to make any sudo
command hang. Easy to reproduce too.

Regarding the original autofs problem, I don't have a conclusive
explanation yet, but explicitly adding nfsvers=3 seems to map users

It's always scary to use these install and uninstall scripts. They always
tend to leave bits and pieces behind. Isn't there a cleaner way to achieve
this ?
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