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What does message

NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn=cloneAgreement1-host1.domain.com-pki-tomcat" (host2:389): Unable to acquire replica: the replica instructed us to go into backoff mode. Will retry later.


A lot of these message appeared in error dirsrv log yesterday, and several crashes

ns-slapd[31026]: segfault at 25 ip 00007f7aa499c800 sp 00007f7a4b7e14f0 error 4 in libslapd.so.0.0.0[7f7aa4948000+11c000]

also noticed…

Any thoughts, what to do?

Please provide the versions you are using:
# rpm -q 389-ds-base ipa-server slapi-nis

Debugging crashes:

in addition:
# debuginfo-install ipa-server slapi-nis

We need to see some stack traces


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