On 07/07/2015 10:09 AM, Martin Basti wrote:
On 07/07/15 17:39, Christopher Lamb wrote:
Hi All

Is there any way on the FreeIPA side to log / debug / trace the LDAP
queries made by 3rd Party Tools against a FreeIPA Server?

In another thread we are trying to solve some problems with integration of JIRA to FreeIPA. I think if I can see the exact LDAP queries JIRA is making
against FreeIPA, then we will be well on the road to finding out what is
going wrong / needs to be changed.

I will be asking a similar question to Atlassian support for LDAP logging on the JIRA side (there I already have partial success, but am not seeing
everything I want to see).




all LDAP queries are logged in this log

If by "query" you mean "search request", then all of the search request data is logged in the dirsrv access log. If you need details about other operations, you'll want to enable the audit log.

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