On Thu, 09 Jul 2015, Nicola Canepa wrote:
OK, I'm sorry for the little information provided: I can't do migrate-ds, since I'm not coming from a "DS" (which can only be another LDAP server, I guess). The only thing I can expect is that users will login to one of the applicazions which I put under FreeIPA authentication. So I mixed the "NIS migration" documentation (maintaining passwords) with the "migration mode", hoping it was what I was looking for.
If you did create your users the same way as proposed with NIS
migration, then they wouldn't be different from what would have happened
with 'ipa migrate-ds'. End result, you have user entries in LDAP with
passwords set to their hashes in the previous system and no Kerberos

Is there a way so that users are created in FreeIPA once they login in
this way?
*You* need to create them. 
walks you through that:

From your export file, import the users into IPA using the admin tools
and set the original hashed password:

# ipa user-add [username] --setattr userpassword={crypt}yourencryptedpass

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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