Hi All,

Running ipa-3.0.0-42.el6 and sssd-1.11.6-30.el6_6.3.x86_64

So, by default, when you create a user in freeipa, That user will be set to 
have a primary group that is hidden and not a POSIX group.

This means that when the user logs in to a host, they will see something like...

id: cannot find name for group ID <group_number>

running the id command shows no name returned for this group.

I understand you can disable private groups globally, however it is 
discouraged. I also realise you can simply create POSIX groups when creating 

In the spirit of trying to stick with the defaults....

Is there a way to avoid the login error where id can't retrieve the group name 
from a UPG?



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