Hi I was just looking at http://www.freeipa.org/page/User_certificate_use_cases 
and was trying to do some self-service to see when it might get scheduled. 
Unless I am mistaken, it doesn't even seem to exist in the backlog. Is that 

The reason I started to look at this again is I have been getting persistent 
password cracking attacks against public endpoints such as IMAP and SMTP. 
Client certificates would be an ideal solution and would work with mobile 
devices as well. I know many are using host certificates for this kind of 
thing, but it seems like there would be leakage if a user account were disabled 
and the respective hosts were not.

Most of the developers here use OS X, although maybe that needs to be 
revisited. I opened issue 21908279 on https://bugreport.apple.com to see if we 
could get any traction on making 
http://linsec.ca/Using_FreeIPA_for_User_Authentication easier, but 
bugreport.apple.com is a black hole and not much escapes.

Anyway, I thought these use cases might be interesting to others and it seems 
client certs are a great way to solve the problem. Would love to hear how 
others have solved these issues!

Cheers, Brian

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