On 07/14/2015 02:47 PM, Sina Owolabi wrote:

Please, I would really need some help in troubleshooting one of my
domain servers which I restarted the IPA services.
Its an CentOS 7.1 server running ipa-4.1.0

[root@dc01 ~]# ipactl start
Existing service file detected!
Assuming stale, cleaning and proceeding
Starting Directory Service
Failed to read data from service file: Failed to get list of dc to probe status!
Configured hostname 'dc01.mydom.com' does not match any master server in LDAP:
Shutting down
[root@dc01 ~]#

Scooping through the freeipa-users posts, I see this was not replied to. Did you manage to resolve the issue?

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