On 07/31/2015 02:52 AM, Sumit Bose wrote:

Thank you for the detailed analysis. I guess the 'server was
inaccessible' error is due to the fact that currently FreeIPA does not
have a global catalog, because Windows typically tries to get SIDs from
remote objects from the Global Catalog.

So, to those of y'all that operate in secure environments, what trick do you
use to fully integrate IPA and Active Directory?

With FreeIPA-4.2 the one-way trust feature is introduced. The main
difference to the current scheme is that with one-way trust the FreeIPA
server does not use its host credentials (host keytab) from the IPA
domain to access the AD DC but uses the trusted domain user
(IPADOM$@AD.DOMAIN) to access the AD DC. Since this is an object from
the AD domain it should be possible to assign the needed permissions to
this object.

Currently I have no idea how this can be solved with older version.
Maybe there is a toll on the Windows side which lets you add SIDs
manually into the "Access this computer from the network" policy? If
there is one you can try to add IPA-SID-515 (where you have to replace
IPA-SID by the IPA domain SID).



I didn't think the SID was even being evaluated - the authentication being attempted was through Kerberos, which I uderstand only uses host keytabs, not SIDs. Am I correct in this situation?


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