On Thu, Aug 06, 2015 at 05:31:18PM -0300, Mored Berdat wrote:
> Hi List
> My name is Mored Berdat, sysadmin. I use debian 8 desktop in LTSP
> (Fat-client) and regular desktops with Xfce. I am applying a Hardening
> Procedures and recently researched about FreeIPA.
> -- It's possible to Xfce users change passwords?

Yes, just configure PAM for your login manager as appropriate. Gnome
uses GDM, not sure what your configuration uses..

> -- When I apply a new policy on FreeIPA, Xfce users can see the alert,
> example "Your password expired, change now"?

I'm not sure what do you mean my new policy, but newly created users are
created with expired password by dfault.

> -- About Mate Desktop Environment, the tools for change Password, Username
> attributes will work with FreeIPA?

What tools in particular do you have in mind? The ipa user-* tools or
the passwd tool? The former talks to the IPA server over RPC, the latter
through PAM and SSSD.

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