Yogesh Sharma wrote:

We are having issue in configuring Auto Membership for Usergroup i.e.
when ever we add/update a user to IPA , it should get added to a group
on the basis of his/her Job Title.

Below is the rule:

[root@ipa-inf-prd-ng2-02 ~]# ipa automember-find  dbausers
Grouping Type: group
1 rules matched
   Description: DBA Auto membership
   Automember Rule: dbausers
   Inclusive Regex: title=(.*)((?i)(DBA))(.*)
Number of entries returned 1
[root@ipa-inf-prd-ng2-02 ~]#

We are setting Job Title as "Sr. DBA Mgr" , "DBA II" etc, However it is
not working.

We have tested the regex, and it seems to be working while testing it.

The rules only apply to new entries. In order to apply rules to existing entries run: ipa automember-rebuild --type=group


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