On 08/10/2015 10:05 PM, Burke Rosen wrote:

I'm running two replicated freeIPA servers. One of them spontaneously failed.
After taking the misbehaving server down, the remaining replicant handled
everything fine. I restored the system to its original working state by
uninstalling ipa-server from the non-functional server and re-replicating from
the working server. All is well, but I am trying to figure out what might have
caused the problem in the first place. Below are first few (presumably)
relevant lines of the the error log. Can someone help me interpret them?

Thank you,

-Burke Rosen

This line is interesting:

[08/Aug/2015:04:11:06 -0700] repl_version_plugin_recv_acquire_cb - [file
ipa_repl_version.c, line 119]: Incompatible IPA versions, pausing replication.
This server: "20100614120000" remote server: "(null)".

But I wonder how it is possible this was triggered, we did not bump the data version in IPA Replica version plugin since 2010 as you can see. So for some reason, it seems that the version was not passed correctly when the connection between replicas was being established.

I guess we will not find out the root cause, given you successfully rebuilt the server. I am still CCing Ludwig and Thierry for reference.

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