Detlev Habicht wrote:
Hi all,

i am very new using and testing IPA and i have some questions,
which are not really IPA topics. But perhaps someone can help
me and send me a link, where i can read and learn such things:

I see in the LDAP tree a suffix like this:


And of course this:


I don’t understand the reason for „cn=compat“.
Where do i find some infos to understand this concept?

It is the schema comppatibility tree. IPA servers the 2307bis schema. Some clients (Solaris) want 2307 so need to use the cn=compat tree instead.

It is also being leveraged for providing separate views for entries. You can find more information on this in /usr/share/doc/slapi-nis/ipa/sch-ipa.txt

Documentation on the plugin can be found in /usr/share/doc/slapi-nis.

The basic rule of thumb though is to search in the right container for the right kind of entry rather than searching from the base.


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