I recently upgraded my CentOS7 machine to the latest el7.1 updates, and
had oomkiller trigger in the middle of yum upgrade.

I managed to recover by doing a number of things including restoring
dirsrv's data/config from backup and re-running ipa-upgradeconfig,
followed by an ipa-replica-manage re-initialize from a known-good
machine.  Now, when I start up ipa, everything seems to be in sync
data-wise, but in dirsrv's error log, I see this:

[21/Aug/2015:12:45:50 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin -
agmt="cn=masterAgreement1-ipa2.opennms.com-pki-tomcat" (ipa2:389):
Missing data encountered
[21/Aug/2015:12:45:50 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin -
agmt="cn=masterAgreement1-ipa2.opennms.com-pki-tomcat" (ipa2:389):
Incremental update failed and requires administrator action

I fear this means that something is still not properly in sync and will
eventually come back to bite me.  Any ideas what's going on here, and
how to fix it?

Benjamin Reed
The OpenNMS Group

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