Thanks Alexander,

I tried the help but there were only two choices. Specify a password interactively --password, or randomly generate one with --random. I agree with you the errors in the output are expected I was just hoping for some undocumented magic.

Piping the output from cat into the password prompt is a great idea and does fix the issue I was having. It's not really intuitive but still makes me wonder why I didn't think of that.

Anyhow I changed it up a bit with
echo testpw | ipa user-add username --first=firstname --last=lastname --password --gidnumber=0000 --noprivate --shell=/bin/bash

And it totally works.

Thank you again.


On 09/01/2015 03:39 PM, Alexander Bokovoy wrote:
On Tue, 01 Sep 2015, Chris Mohler wrote:
Hi List,
I'm trying to make a script to add users non interactively with ipa add-user and specify a password of testpw

I tried:

ipa user-add username --first=firstname --last=lastname --homedir=/home/username --password testpw --gidnumber=0000 --noprivate --shell=/bin/bash
#ipa: ERROR: command 'user_add' takes at most 1 argument

and this:

ipa user-add username --first=firstname --last=lastname --homedir=/home/username --password=testpw --gidnumber=0000 --noprivate --shell=/bin/bash
#ipa: error: --password option does not take a value

No Luck.

Any suggestions?
Read the help :)
$ ipa help user-add|grep --  --password
 --password            Prompt to set the user password

E.g. --password option does not take *any* parameter, it *prompts* to
enter the password and expects standard input to provide the password.
In the first example you added a parameter after --password and since
--password does not consume anything, it was considered as another
argument but 'ipa user-add' indeed takes a single argument, thus an

In the second example you are explicitly forcing --password to take some
parameter and is told that it does not accept anything, just like help
is saying.

What you want can be achieved like this:

$ cat /my/password/file | ipa user-add username --first=firstname --last=lastname --password

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